The average person may have difficulty visualizing a traditional two dimensional building plan. Miltco Inc. uses 3D design programs, allowing you to visualize your project in a more true-to-life setting. We are able to show you your project in detail, including fixtures, colors, flooring, appliances, and interior and exterior finishes. The design enables you to walk through any part of your project, check for spacial planning needs, aesthetic design, and engineering components before the actual construction begins.


From the simplest remodel, to the most complex custom home, Miltco Inc. combines years of experience dedicated to excellence with integrity to achieve your maximum personal satisfaction within your budget.

While we are the building experts, it is after all, your home. We won't make a promise we cannot keep, and we take full responsibility for the entire project keeping you in the loop every step of the way. From the moment we first shake hands until you tell us we've earned your complte satisfaction, we're in it for the duration. By keeping it all in-house, we are able to expedite the processing of your plans and obtaining building permits. With an organized schedule for all phases and areas of construction, we make sure to address each detail.

Additionally, our long-standing relationships with quality craftsmen, subcontractors and suppliers to the trade mean that everyone who works on your project knows the high standards and quality we expect from them. In turn, you receive nothing bt the best from Miltco Inc.